Welcome to the space where I explore my thinking, writing, and our culture. 

I started this web space, formerly known as ImageCult, in my last year at Queen’s University while completing my thesis on Digital Storytelling under the supervision of Professor Sidney Eve Matrix. Since then, I have continued to (modestly) use this blog to explore my inspirations, writing, and the composition of our culture.

From a very younge age I made the commitment to art, film, and storytelling–both through practice and appreciation. Art was my first formal introduction to storytelling. With this passion, I trained in old-masters painting and drawing for four years under the mentorship of the chairman of Portrait Society of Canada. Following this I completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Film & Media (production & theory). While working in advertising (production of print, web, and video advertising) and feature film distribution I affirmed my love for storytelling, words, and the labour of writing. Simply put, writing allows me to exercise my innate curiosity, while exploring the world.

I am currently working as a freelance multimedia journalist and writer, as well as a contributing editor of frank.

When I am not writing, I am reading–most likely something by Susan Sontag, Lydia Davis, E. Hemingway, Sharon Olds, or David Sedaris. Art galleries are my home away from home. Sometimes I am doing both of these things while traveling.

You can also find me here:

My main hub: an overview of everything I do or did.

The Genteel: I am a weekly contributor.

V!TA: an illustration of all that I find beautiful.

On Twitter: my fragmented thoughts, and my interests.

On Pinterest: my visual work folio.

If you have a project or opportunity that you would like to discuss: alina.kulesh@gmail.com.


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