Baudouin’s 75 Parisiennes: Parisian women have long been regarded as the ultimate symbols of elegance and chic. But is this, in fact, a reality? Photographer Baudouin (yes, a one name wonder) sets out to uncover the world of Parisian women, resulting in the eclectic photo series, 75 Parisiennes.

Bless this man. And these women. Photographer Baudouin created a photo-series that is long overdue. He visited the homes of over 300 Parisian women to photograph them in their daily surroundings; this resulted in 75 visually rich and eclectic photographs that challenge society’s notion of the typical Parisiennes.

You can’t and shouldn’t miss this one. How I wish I could meet these women.

Get to know Baudouin’s 75 Parisiennes here.


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