The Silent Partners of the 20th Century: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Vladimir Nabokov, Jackson Pollock, Alfred Hitchcock and Man Ray: men who have shaped the arts in the 20th century. But look closely at their shadows, and you’ll see their unsung partners, better halves, and, in many cases, worst enemies – in female form.

With all of the world talking about The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald, I couldn’t help but wonder about Zelda. Who was she? What was her passion? As I started to dig deeper, I found out that not only did she have a passion for writing, but she was also an amazing artist. But, her image was heavily clouded with the stigma of mental illness and simply being F.Scott’s wife, nothing more.

Originally this piece was supposed to be only about Zelda–but, her story got me thinking that there must be many other females who were hiding in the shadows of the great men that we still celebrate. Women who had passions, were talented, but just didn’t get the recognition they deserved.


SILENT PARTNER #1: Zelda Fitzgerald –Writer, Painter, F. Scott’s Biggest Insecurity:

SILENT PARTNER #2: Véra Nabokov – Editor, Muse, Vladimir’s Better Half:

SILENT PARTNER #3: Lee Krasner – Abstract Expressionist Painter, Babysitter of Jackson Pollock:

SILENT PARTNER #4: Alma Reville – Film Editor, Screenwriter, The Woman Hitchcock Admired and Feared:

SILENT PARTNER #5: Lee Miller – Surrealist, Photojournalist, Man Ray’s Biggest Heartbreak:

You can read the full article here.


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