Impressions Dior: The honorary rebels of the art world, the Impressionists were inspired by modernity, daily life, and the ever-changing qualities of light. With the Normandy Impressionist Festival in full-swing, we explore the enchanting exhibition, Impressions Dior, with curator Florence Müller.


While studying art in school, the Impressionists were my favourite. I admired that the artists in this group were considered the rebels of the art world. (If I were to ever want to be a rebel of anything, I think it would be of art.) Yet, they painted such beautiful, light, and sensual subjects. There is nothing pretentious about their work. Nothing feels forced, just everyday imagery bathed in light and colour.

I’ve heard of the Normandy Impressionist Festival before, but I was not aware that Christian Dior was so influenced by the region and the Impressionists. How lucky? Being surrounded by (extreme) natural beauty from birth ought to have a positive outcome. If you like art, fashion, and are at all interested in the ideas of “inspiration” and “creativity”, this article is for you.

Read the full piece here.




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