Ukraine Welcomes Vogue in Russian:March 2013 marked the launch of the 21st international Vogue publication, Vogue Ukraine. A celebratory moment for the country, Vogue Ukraine shines a light on Ukrainian talent – in the Russian language – and highlights the creeping issue of the Russianisation of Ukraine.

I was very excited to learn that my birth country, Ukraine, has finally received some luxury and style recognition…and then I realize that the Vogue is published in Russian. Conde Nast’s decision to publish Vogue Ukraine in Russian is a strong example of the “Russianisation” of the country – not new news, but still, this gloomy crowd hovers steadily over the country.

Masha Tsukanova’s – the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Ukraine – answer to why the magazine is published in Russian, as opposed to the country’s national language, Ukrainian, was, well, honest. She stated:

“When people will start to buy publications in Ukrainian, then magazines, like Vogue, will be published in Ukrainian. As soon as the first happens – then the latter will follow immediately. In the meantime we want to profit.”

Obviously money over patriotism.

But what doesn’t make sense is that 67% of the country speaks /reads in Ukrainian, 24% in Russian, so what’s happening? Why isn’t this taken into consideration? Is it because most of those 67% Ukrainian speakers are in rural areas where magazines like Vogue are scarcely available? Or does Conde Nast and UMH Group want to keep the their playing field open and appeal to Russian consumers in Russia? Looks like they want to keep their options open.

You can read the full article here. What are your thoughts?


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