One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Art: At his studio in Jersey City, artist Kirk Bray is creating unique mixed media art pieces which unite the past with the present. Through found materials, vintage photographs, magazine clippings, and the work of the late artist Arthur Sturcke, Bray’s witty and satirical masterpieces are not to be missed.

Learning about Kirk Bray and his mixed media art was one of the highlights of my visit to NYC during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. (Kirk happens to be one of the co-founders of the leather-goods-meets-Americana-cool accessory brand, BillyKirk.) His work is witty, a bit dark, satirical, and technically “vintage” – he basically uses found materials and objects to create these little detailed, clever collages.

Kirk’s home studio looks like a well curated thrift store – except everything that’s in it is a treasure. Recently Kirk acquired a scrapbook, artworks, and writings of the deceased artist Arthur Sturcke (talk about a good find); Kirk is completely fascinated by him and is using these materials in his own work. Recycled art anyone? Kirk Bray’s artwork is not to be missed, see it / read about it here.

While I was at his studio I remembered a collage that I had pieced together one Summer weekend afternoon (below) out of a few magazines I have lying around, maybe it’s something I’ll start exploring a bit more…


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