Marie-France Pochna on Dior Luxury: In the quickly changing landscape of luxury retail, brands are being forced to think outside the box in order to keep their clientele from yawning. Historic French fashion house, Christian Dior, is leading by example. Alina Kulesh speaks with renowned luxury brand expert, Marie-France Pochna – author of the famous Christian Dior biography – on what it takes for a luxury brand to keep on turning heads. (The Genteel)

Marie-France Pochna strikes me as the type of woman who is always confident, knows exactly what she is going to wear that morning, and is business-savvy. Having published a successful biography on Christian Dior (that has been translated into several languages), I knew she was the right person to talk to about Luxury.

Luxury. What a world…it just rolls off your tongue and sounds exactly like what it means.

Funny enough, now that I am “speaking” about luxury, I can’t help but think about Christmas. (How awful is that? But, so true.)

Recently, the talented (and stylish) Editors at The Genteel have been putting together Gift Guide ideas.

Here they are with some of my favourite picks, and if you are still jonesing for luxury, you can read my article here:

1. Menswear:

– oopsmark, Bicycle Wine Rack, Leather – 1″ frame, C$29 (I think this should be on every Must-Have list)

 TAKEMOTO, Cover-M handmade stripe ebony wooden eyeglasses, US$100 (Want. For myself.)

– Lost Property of London, Miles Wax Coton Traveller£315 (IN LOVE with this bag. So perfect for anything.)

2. Womenswear:

– Barbara Bui, cocktail jacquard jacket, US$1,354 (Big price point, but anybody would look like a million bucks in this.)

– Yves Saint Laurent,embroidered silk-blend twill skirt, US$1,365 (Such a simple, yet very unique, piece. Would love to wear this piece with a black cashmere sweater.)

– Christian Louboutin, Artemis bell-embellished shoulder bag, US$1,795 (What a bag! Dude, don’t think you’d need many more accessories with that beauty hanging off your shoulder.)

3. Jewellery (Outside the Little Blue Box):

– Dogeared, gold tone guardian angel pin brooch, US$28.14 (So clever, so good.)

– Elyona, casted lace bangle – gold, US$185 (Something very Grecian about this piece that I love.)

Yves Saint Laurent, rose gold arum lily ring, C$515 (This one is my fav.)


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