Finally taking the time to read one of my fav magazines.

One of my favourite moments during the week is when I make time to catch up on my favourite magazines. The Gentlewoman is one of my favourites and honestly I carry it with me everywhere until it’s unrecognizable. I also take time (on the weekends usually) to read up what my fellow writers from The Genteel are discussing.

Here are three articles that I think you should read this week:

The Right Time for Wool on The Genteel: In this article writer Erin Ridley discusses the (surprising) decrease in global wool production. At first glance, this might not be a big deal, but Ridley explains that this could mean a big cultural shift. Oh, and in the article Ridley briefly talks about her experience shepherding the hills with her farming mentor Miguel–yup, this really happened. How cool is that?

“Our Secret is Our History”: Stefano Tonchi on 40 Years of W Magazine on ARTINFO.com:  W Magazine recently released a book, “W: The First 40 Years”, Editor of Hint Fashion Magazine,Lee Carter, catches up with Editor Stefano Tonchi on how beautiful W Magazine is at 40.

Seeking a Better Way to Find Web Images on The New York Times: Writer John Markoff is right–we think we can find almost anything on the internet. However, in this article he proves us wrong and points out the flaws of search engine results, concluding that very soon (if not now) we will have to create a new generation of visual-search technologies.


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