The Immortal Wardrobe of Frida Kahlo: “Frida Kahlo’s sensuality, vibrancy and rebellious attitude spilled into her artwork and wardrobe. Much like her paintings, her style has gained posthumous popularity and international acclaim. Now, fashion designers are trying to reconstruct Kahlo through their collections. Alina Kulesh explores the elements attributable to her iconic style.” (The Genteel)

As I was writing The Spark of Diego and Frida I became entranced by Frida’s enigmatic style. She loved feminine silhouettes and accessories, but she had such a strong masculine aura–she’s really the perfect combination and juxtaposition of fem and masculine. For someone who was so in tune with her deep sorrow and dark emotions she sure loved to wear colour! She was so bold and confident in the way that she dressed–her clothing never gave away the turmoil she experienced in her personal life. I imagine her being one of those people who got up in the mornings and new exactly what she would wear, always listening to her style instinct and never questioning it.

While researching I was pleasantly surprised to see how heavily the fashion world is influenced by Frida. It seems that several designers cannot get enough of her mysterious pull and bold attitude (both in dress and behaviour). You can read the full article here.

Below are my three favourite outfits worn by Frida…(also thinking of making my own flower headdress, stay tuned.):

And here are my two favourite Frida-inspired editorial shots:

Frida meets Nabokov’s Lolita


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