Recipe For Success: “Fashion is an industry that never sleeps and is always hungry for more. While attending the 2012 Mercedes-Benz StartUp finale during Toronto’s World Mastercard Fashion Week, Alina Kulesh asks the question: What does it take to become a successful fashion designer?” (The Genteel) 

I was very lucky to attend the 2012 Mercedes-Benz StartUp show during Toronto’s World Mastercard Fashion Week. It’s always exciting to be in the presence of young talent–something about their sheer determination and vulnerability that I find very inspiring.

I was interested to hear what IMG Fashion’s Global Production Director, Jarrad Clark, thought it took to become a successful fashion designer. He gave very in-depth advice (featured in the article), but one piece that stood out the most to me was something that I think can apply to all creators. He said,

In the wildly-paced world of fashion, talent is simply not enough. Young designers need [to] …selflessly offer a piece of themselves with every garment. -Jarrad Clark

How cool is that? I think that’s what a memorable creation is–a piece of yourself for the public. Your ideas, your passion, your labouring, all of these components go into creating something unforgettable.

I won’t ramble on too much this time, below are photographs of my favourite outfits from the show. (Sidenote: loved the multi-racial runway–so many beautiful faces–we are so multi-cultural, eh Canada?)

Designed by Dreamboat Lucy
Photograph by George Pimentel

Designed by Caitlin Power
Photographed by George Pimentel
Black with gold/silver accents, any day.

Designed by Malorie Urbanovitch
Photographed by George Pimentel
I love the easiness of this outfit, & the knit!

Designed by DUY
Photographed by George Pimentel
This is the sexiest “mom jean” ever! Also, I need that knit top desperately.

Myself (Left) and a friend from high-school that I bumped into that evening (right).
Photo taken by EXPRESS.


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