The Immortal Cities of Mimmo Jodice: Naples-born Mimmo Jodice is an innovative contemporary photographer and avant-garde artist. Since 1978, he has been exploring his surreal vision of urban landscapes, creating silent images in black-and-white. In his recent trip to Montreal, Canada, Jodice rediscovered the city through his lens. (The Genteel)

Jodice’s work truly inspired me–as soon as I saw one of his photographs, the one taken in Montreal of The Biosphere in particular, I knew I had to share his work with others.  I honestly cannot get enough of the “silence” in his images. And the more we get into the digitization of our lives and culture, the more I am pulled back to the good old days of living life and (especially) artistic expression… i.e. you and the camera, not knowing what to expect, spending oodles of time in the dark room, engaging in a much more hands on crafting experience.

This piece is also quite special to me because it allowed me to express my view on life and its innate fragility. Recently, a day doesn’t go by when I don’t think about the meaning of life, my relationship to my surroundings and my passing of time. (I am fine, really. Sometimes being a writer is synonymous with being a ‘maniac depressive’, as my friend Hannah jokingly calls me.)

After this piece was published, my Editors received a note from Mr. and Mrs. Jodice regarding my article. They sent their adoration and thanks and were very impressed by my deep understanding of Jodice’s work. Can I be honest? That was one of the best emails I’ve received in a long time. It always feels great to be validated by your “subject” and, most importantly, by someone whose work you admire.

You can read the full article here.

Mimmo Jodice & Andy Warhol.
Source: mimmojodice.it


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