Jean, Je t’adore: Deeply embedded in Western culture, denim just keeps on giving. A textile initially worn by farmers, miners and fishermen, denim is now the foundation of every (wo)man’s closet. Alina Kulesh pays homage to fashion’s greatest superhero: the jean. (The Genteel

There are certain things in life that are sometimes taken for granted because their deep embedment in our culture leads us to overlook them. Jeans are one of these things. They are everywhere and on everyone. So it’s easy to not pay attention to them. But, they truly deserve some recognition. My article for The GenteelJeans, Je t’adore, is an homage to our culture’s greatest hero: denim.

I won’t rant about how brilliant, timeless, and sexy jeans are because you can read about it here. Instead, I will share the work of an amazing artist I stumbled upon while researching for this piece. He goes by the name Denimu, and — as his name reveals — he works purely with denim to create denim-on-denim artwork. This artist is super passionate about the fabric–he has dedicated his entire career working with only denim. Now that’s commitment. With the present diversity of denim it must be extremely interesting to work with the fabric; selecting the right colour, tone, and texture, as well as knowing how to manipulate the fabric is what makes Denimu’s work so fascinating.

So here’s to denim–in all its shape and form!

James Dean, by Denimu







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