Making History the Marc Jacobs Way: “After several public backlashes, Marc Jacobs recently concluded that to avoid controversy, it’s best not to mix fashion and political commentary. Alina Kulesh asks, “why not”?” (The Genteel)

Researching is almost as fun as writing itself.  Mostly because it’s like playing detective–uncovering facts, making connections, and forming an opinion. For this piece, I was asked to write an informed commentary on Marc Jacobs’ withdrawal of politics from his brand. A man who was actively expressing his opinion on global political happenings suddenly didn’t want to play anymore. That’s odd.

So after some research — and guidance from my Editors — we learned that in fact most of the political opinions that were expressed through the Marc Jacobs’ brand weren’t done by the man himself. It was his long-time business partner, Duffy, who was the instigator.  This little fact changed my initial opinion and perception of the happenings and definitely made for a more interesting twist. Many fashion and style websites and blogs were discussing Jacobs’ big “no politics and fashion” announcement, but nobody seemed to mention Duffy’s involvement. So what happened? Did Duffy push Jacobs’ envelope too far? Did Duffy and Jacobs choose LVMH’s happiness over political participation?

I’m really hoping that Marc Jacobs — the brand — doesn’t stop expressing their opinion that goes beyond patterns and textiles. I admire people who simply don’t give a shit; Jacobs seems to not take himself too seriously, yet at the same time knows when to retaliate and make a strong statement.

You can read the full article here and give your two cents.


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