The Russki-Epoch: Russia’s cultural landscape is finally getting a much-needed makeover after an interminable drought. With the golden hands of some of Russia’s most creative minds, the vast Eurasian country is turning heads once again. Innovative, well-educated and beautiful “Czarinas” are putting Russia back on the culture map. (The Genteel)

Apologies — mom and dad to whomever is reading — for slacking on the BTW series posts.

In the last two weeks I moved to a new city, and then a couple of days later I got on a plane and headed for Europe. Why not?

This post was a lot of fun to write because I essentially did something that I’ve been doing since moving to Canada, but finally got away with it: making up my own word/term.  In this case it’s “The Russki-Epoch”.  In my humble opinion it has a good ring to it. And I just like the words “Russki” and “Epoch” together.

Although I have never lived in Russia, I am very familiar with their culture–its erosion and need of restructuring.  Writing this piece made me feel good because it was like I was rooting for the underdog, or the kid who gets called on last in baseball team pickings.

Russia has a very rich history, thus a solid ground to stand tall on. When I heard about the Czarinas, I was very glad to learn that there are people who are nurturing Russia’s culture.  Of course, these women are very wealthy–thus they have the time, money, and resources to contribute. For the majority of these women, their wealth comes from their husbands or fathers. (I am not going to go into too many details here, but just Google anyone of the Czarinas names and you are sure to find information.) However, I didn’t want to concentrate, or even mention, any men who are supporting any of the Czarinas. Why? Because it’s irrelevant. It’s irrelevant because money is great, and in this case very helpful, but you also need someone to nurture a culture, to want to better it. And in this case, the Czarinas are doing the nurturing and they ought to be given credit for it.

You can read the full article here.

Original header as found on TheGenteel.com


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