60 Years of Designing the Ballet & The Tutu Project: The crème de la crème of Toronto’s culture scene was buzzing with excitement at the opening reception for 60 Years of Designing the Ballet and The Tutu Project at the Design Exchange. Alina Kulesh reports from the project that has captured Canada’s diversity, abundant creativity and strong communal support. (The Genteel)

After attending  60 Years of Designing the Ballet and The Tutu Project Gala, I can’t stop thinking the tutu should be considered a staple item — you know, the item that every woman ought to have in her closet — along with a great-fitted jean, trench coat, white blouse, yada yada.

Some of the biggest stars wore the tutu in photoshoots, TV, and movie appearances.

Marilyn did it here:

Sex & The City dressed Carrie Bradshaw in a tutu in the opening sequence. And then here, here, here, and here:

I guess what I am trying to say is…I’d like to see more tutus please. Yet, at the same time, I like its rarity out in the real world, holding on to its exclusivity and true emblem of elegance.


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