An Affair To Remember: Fashion has lived in Film for many decades, and now Film is re-birthing Fashion. Alina Kulesh explores how top haute couture houses are illustrating their personalities and moods through the expressive beauty of Film. (The Genteel)

This piece came to me quite organically–both the topic and the writing. I spent four amazing years of my University career watching and deconstructing films, and I’ve mentioned my early introduction to fashion here, so writing this article was pure delight!

My first introduction to Fashion Film was through Prada’s “ Thunder Perfect Mind“, starring Daria Werbowy (a personal favourite) created around a truly magical original text. To date, this remains my favourite fashion film. It is a true creative paradox: simple yet complex, dark yet light, beautiful yet understated. At first view it gave me a true “Ah-ha!” moment–film is the best medium to further romanticize fashion. (As a film student this video also served as personal affirmation.)

Yesterday Style.com released a brilliant film by Canadian luxury brand DSquared2,  titled “The Substitutes” and it is absolutely brilliant! In a minute and a half, the film communicates its personality perfectly: DSquared2 is spunky, coquettish, mischievous, and humorous–they don’t take themselves too seriously and neither should you. The film is directed by the talented duo Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott , featuring the perfect soundtrack by Shirley Ellis, titled “The Clapping Song”.

You can read the indepth piece on The Genteel by clicking here.


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