The Fashion of the Bicycle: Alina Kulesh explores the ultimate fashion statement piece – the bicycle – and its flourishing, stylish place in modern society. (The Genteel)

Do you remember learning how to ride your first two-wheeler? I do.  My father taught me, or rather, the lack of him holding on when he said he would, did. As I approached the big tree that was victim of my amateur riding skills and my father’s absence, I remember feeling not only adrenaline and fear, but possibility. The feeling when you think you can’t, but then you realize the sweet feeling that you can.

Living in Toronto, it’s pretty difficult to not notice all the beautiful bicycles that make an appearance as soon as the snow melts. The bicycle doesn’t discriminate–anybody can ride one.  It became quite clear that the bicycle is an identity product and quite a sexy commodity. My frequent visits to Montreal also confirmed this observation.

I started to do some research and that’s when I stumbled upon PUBLIC Bikes. How beautiful they are! So urban, so simple, so chic. This made a lot of sense after I found out the company is found by Rob Forbes — the mega-mind behind Design Within Reach and is based in San Francisco. I knew they were the perfect candidates to interview.

A few weeks before writing this piece, my boyfriend surprised me with new bicycles for us. They are both Marin Bikes, California born.  Beautiful sleek, black bodies–mine is accented with highlight yellow and his in bright blue. We will be taking them out very soon and I will make sure to have a few photos!

In the interim, you can read the full article on The Genteel.

Happy Riding!


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