Underneath the Bra: “The bra: it’s a part of society’s sexual discourse and illustrates our culture’s taste and sexuality.  Alina Kulesh explores the recent proliferation of bra tops on the runways.” (The Genteel)

Writing this piece was a great challenge–I knew what I wanted to say (and believed in it), but I also understood the other side of the argument, the easier one. For the first time I feared that the majority would disagree and deem my perspective outlandish, or, well, prudish.

I realized that the only thing I could really offer is my honest perspective, backed up by fact. The responsibility of a writer ought to be to offer their personal interpretation and commentary, not to steal other’s for the sake of praise.

So I did it. I was bloody nervous submitting it to the Editors. I thought, “This is it. Hasta la vista good streak.” But no, they liked it.

Fear: an element that, when blended with skill and creativity, results in a pleasant surprise. This was taught to me by a brilliant Director who hones his craft. One evening driving back from a long shoot day he revealed the uncertainty and scare he felt about the project. Suddenly, he pulled back and stated that a bit of fear is good, you should never get too comfortable with your craft.

And that, is the truth.

You can read “Underneath the Bra” here.

A Thank You note to Uncertainty by Leah Dieterich(thxthxthx.com)
Came across her book in Chapters recently.


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