What Would Picasso Do? What would Pablo Picasso have thought of today’s trends in design, fashion and art? Alina Kulesh dives into Picasso’s past through the upcoming Art Gallery of Ontario exhibit, Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris, to construct his present identity. (The Genteel)

The idea for this piece came to me while spending my birthday weekend in a chalet an hour outside of Montreal. I had a lot of time to think–I had an intellectually stimulating person (and several bottles of red) to do the thinking with. Nothing beats the feeling of coming up with an idea that excites you from head to toe, especially one that you come up with by muttering to yourself like a mad woman while your supportive boyfriend encourages the madness.

Character building and construction has always fascinated me; screenwriting was one of my favourite courses in University for this reason.  I started to think about Picasso, remembering the upcoming Art Gallery of Ontario exhibit, my imagination wondered to every corner of his life.  Using my own imagination and factual information, I deconstructed Picasso’s identity. What was even more fun, was to reconstruct it with modern brands and products.  Constructing identity through brands and consumer goods is a very common activity in post-post(-post?) modern society–a bittersweet reality.

What I enjoyed most about writing this piece is blending the facts and my imagination.  It was very amusing to write, and I hope it was an enjoyable read.

Truth be told, when I was a young girl, I believed that Picasso was patronizing children’s art.  Now I know that he is a genius whose biggest inspiration were children, particularly the way they thought..or didn’t. His work underlines the correlation between “genius” and having a child-like perspective on the world–particularly the foolishness and curiosity.

A big Thank-You to the Art Gallery of Ontario, for their cooperation and help. You can read the full article here.


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