Sleeping With RIKA: Luxury fashion brand RIKA understands romanticised individuality. The brand is comprised of the RIKA fashion collection, a bi-yearly RIKA magazine, and RIKA boutique located in Amsterdam’s Leidseplein neighbourhood. Recently, RIKA expanded into a more intimate arena: the Maison RIKA guesthouse.

When my very trendy editors pitched Maison RIKA to me, it was love at first sight. After I saw this photo of Creative Director / designer Ulrika Lundgren, I knew I had to interview her.  The mischievousness behind her gaze translates into her clothes and guesthouse.

I absolutely fell in love with the RIKA world and immediately started to calculate how long  I would need to save up for in order to afford a classic RIKA star bag and the Nova Jacket. Undetermined.

Maison RIKA is such a simple yet complex space, it’s difficult to not be charmed by its allure. My favourite takeaway is the black wooden floors–an element that adds so much mystery and warmth, somehow, to a bedroom.

Maison RIKA gave me yet another reason to visit Amsterdam…so when are we going?

Image Found On RIKA Spring 2012 LookBook


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