Falling Over Orange: “Even though it is not generally considered the sexiest colour, orange is on everybody’s lips; from interior to graphic designers, orange is working its way into your living room and closet.”

I’ve always loved the idea of an Ode. A lyrical poem created specifically to praise whatever the poet will.

(My good friend Eva and I tend to write the best lines for Odes while hanging out together.  We wrote the last sentence in this informal Ode to Oyster, while sitting on a patio one Fall eve.)

Orange began to pop up in all of our lives–Pinterest boards filled up with Orange pants, dress shirts, handbags, shoes, jewelery.  Suddenly my commute to work became brighter and it became impossible to not see something Orange attending an arts/culture event in Toronto. I wanted to explore the colour, but steer away from “fluffy” Fashion magazine jargon.

Orange came into my life in more ways than one.  Around the time Pantone announced Tangerine Tango as colour of 2012, I met a guy. A great guy. A pinch-me-are-you-really-there? guy.  He has uplifted my life and continues to do so, every single day. Orange plays a key role in his life, both professionally and personally. While conducting research on the emotional benefits of orange I realized that my findings were synonymous with how he made me feel.

Orange is truly the happiest colour, Sinatra.


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