I am about to use the second most over used word, arguably, in western society: busy.  (The first is “like”, in case you are wondering–if you’re interested in rebutting this, I am all ears.)  I must use this word because it describes my daily routine; it’s filled with taking on too much, juggling it all, and delivering on time and with quality. When I see a fantastic opportunity, I cannot resist.

Recently, this opportunity came in the form of bi-weekly contribution to The Genteel, an online publication that focuses on “delivering quality journalism, unearthing the forces shaping international fashion and design, through the lens of business, culture, society, best kept secrets and street style.”

The Genteel has already given me the opportunity to explore topics that I never thought I would (an in-depth analysis into the colour Orange, for example); most importantly, The Genteel, is helping me finesse my voice as a writer.

The process of writing is — to me —  very enjoyable. Getting to interview interesting people and absorbing every wee bit of information that they present to you, researching the topic until words on the page are nothing but beautiful symbolic images, playing with diction, letting the piece breathe for a day or two and slowly swimming up to it again.

It is the love for the process why I have decided to start a new series on this blog: Behind The Words (BTW). BTW will give my readers a glimpse behind my experience writing a particular piece–reflections and anything interesting that I learned on the way.  In doing so, I hope to bring you, the reader, closer to my work and share this experience with you.





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