Last night I attended an advance screening for My Week With Marilyn, courtesy of Alliance Films.

I cannot wait to see it again.

At first introduction, the idea of a Marilyn film nerved me; I didn’t trust Michelle Williams for this role and didn’t want the film to alter my perception of Marilyn. Unashamed, I am glad to admit I was wrong.  Williams is the perfect Monroe; she captures Monroe’s intoxicating charm flawlessly.  Directed by Simon Curtis, the film is based on Colin Clark’s memoir The Prince, the Showgirl and Me. Colin (Eddie Redmayne), a 23 year old, third Assistant Director, meets Marilyn during the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl. Colin and Marilyn have a brief affair (while Marilyn is married to writer Arthur Miller). Yet it is not an affair that is fueled by lust, rather it is one of deep compassion, naiveté, and emotional respect.

The film confirms Monroe’s professional and personal insecurities without belittling her being. Instead, the film highlights human vulnerability and our ultimate quest to feel loved and validated–some by achieving great fame, while others by finding their saviour.

Williams is not the only star on the screen, Eddie Redmayne delivers the true sentiment of first love with ease.  Redmayen soaks the audience in Clark’s ambitious and romanticized world without hesitation.  You can’t help but root for, sympathize with, and be envious of the boy all at the same time. It is Clark’s untainted heart that disallows him to judge Monroe, accepting her for who she is rather than whom she plays.

Go spend a week with Marilyn, I assure you–you will not be disappointed.

Image 1: Borrowed from dorian_j.

Image 2: Taken by me on iPhone.   


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