It’s all about colour at the new AGO Exhibit Chagall and the Russian Avant-Garde“. Running from October 18th 2011 – January 15 2012, with a concentration on the lucious art pieces of Marc Chagall (32 works total), the exhibit also features works of Wassily Kandinsky (a personal favourite), Kasimir Malevich, Vladimir Tatlin, Natalia Goncharova, and Sonia Delaunay.  The AGO does a tremendous job detailing historical occurances of Chagall’s world and illuminating the artist’s inspirations. Accompanying photographs and video footage deepend the understanding of the artists’ world and motifs.

Colour Is The Pulse Of A Work Of Art – AGO

The use of colour reflects the heaviness of the subject matter featured in these artist’ works. Heavy-layering, bold primary colours, and thick black outlines dominate the canvases.  These colours undeniably reflect the political and social turmoil that the artists’ witnessed and lived through — World War I and The Russian Revolution played a key role in their lives and careers.  Their works compliment each other and take the viewer through a journey of not only of political and social change, but one that details the development of a unique artistic style that belongs to the Russian Avant Garde.

The AGO is completing the exhibit with workshops, extended hours, and a musical performance. See you there


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