I’ve always loved to travel–the act and idea. This is mostly because my innate curiosity has always kept me moving and busy; I ran away from daycare at the age of two because the limits of the sandbox bored me and I wanted to see more; I covered almost every square foot of one of the most popular beaches in Yalta (coast of the Black Sea) by the time I was four; I wanted to be everywhere and see everything–by the time I was six I had already earned the scars I would wear proudly for the rest of my life, my life badges of honor.

Naturally this love for exploration lives in my family–my father travels six out of twelve months and has visited over fifty countries. My mother is an eternal romantic who is in love with culture and out of the box experiences.

The last two years have been extremely busy–finishing my post-secondary degree remotely while working in advertisement wasn’t the easiest task to accomplish; it’s time to go…to “vacation”:

1. Barcelona

I will be visiting Barcelona–this city excites me mainly for it’s amazing architecture and siesta! I plan on doing a lot of walking, surfing, and filling up on Tapas. The beach baby in me is giddy at the thought of the Barcelona beach scene and its warmth. You’ll also be able to find me at a local Salsa club to the wee hours of the night.

2. Paris

I am in love with this city and French culture. Many roll their eyes at this, but I am telling you the truth. In high school I was so transfixed by the language I started the French Club in order to become proficient in the language and get more exposure to the culture. My favorite desert (creme brûlée) is French; my favorite singer (Carla Bruni) sings in French; my favorite film period is French Nouveau Cinema –Truffaut’s 400 Blows is my favorite. Although I have lived and worked in South of France, I have never been to Paris. GASP! This will be my first trip to Paris; I cannot wait to see the original works of Rodin and Monet, go to La Palette (the restaurant in Toronto is one of my favorites), and walk the streets that inspired Voltaire and Hemingway.

(Currently using Conde Nast’s Traveller iPhone app to help create my ‘To Do’ list–it’s brilliant, highly recommended).

I will be blogging regularly about my preparation and the (short) journey itself–if you have any travel suggestions please pass them on!


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