Last night I attended the Member’s Preview for the new exhibit Haute Culture: General Idea at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Living on the fourth and fifth floor, the Haute Culture exhibit offers a profound retrospective of an art group who had an immensely prolific career known as General Idea. Founded in 1969 in Toronto, General Idea is vital to the construction of the diverse and vibrant art scene in Toronto.

The AGO described General Idea to have a “complex multimedia approach, which was a full-time mix of reality and fiction, and of the present and future.” This depiction, of course, is very accurate; the exhibit consists of instillations, paintings, prints, photography, magazines, and video. On my way down to the fourth floor of the exhibit, it had dawned on me that the work of General Idea is a visual double entendre–symbols and images are renewed with new meanings, meanings that feel extremely natural and true by the time you complete viewing the retrospective. I felt like I taught a new language and gained fluency, this understanding built further appreciation for and connection to General Idea.

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All photographs taken by Rannie Turingan. 


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