I read, a lot. I consume all that is readable around me and most often than not I fall in love with the article, poem, short story, or novel that I pick up.  Not because I am unable to criticize and analyze the work, but because I chose to fall in love with it.  But! There’s always that one article, poem, short story, or novel that sticks with you.  I find myself deeply commited; I end up carrying it with me wherever I go, sharing its passages with everyone, until the work itself is physically unrecognizable.

If there’s one thing that I have always wanted to be, is to be a great writer –I’m working on it.

Today I picked up a book that spoke to me. Mr. Arden, you and I have never met (Rest In Peace)…perhaps you channeled a life-thirsty, twenty-something year old who does not want to always play it “safe”, but needs a good flick in the head as a reminder.   This book is nothing but inspirational. I will not give away its secrets and charms–not only wouldn’t I do it justice, but I have too much respect for Arden to cost him sales.  Whatever You Think Think The Opposite by Paul Arden (former executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi) is an epiphany that  is 137 pages long.

The world needs more Arden-thinkers.


One thought on “Safe or Dare

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